Customer Service and Social Media — They Met Online and Now they’re Engaged

The following infographic from Impact Learning Systems gives a great overview of how important social media has become to customer service. If they were a couple of people, we’d expect to see them married soon.

Social media has certainly provided opportunities for all organizations to help set customer expectations. explain how they work and virtually engage their customers/clients 24/7.

Small organizations may not be able to provide telephone help or direct customer service in the ways large organizations can. But, with technologies that let everyone participate asynchronously, such as forums, Facebook posts, and tweets, for example, customers/clients/users can help each other in ways that go far beyond anything traditional customer service used to do.  Those technologies also let people vent their frustrations and complain while they’re having problems, while giving themselves a chance to think about it logically enough to write it down.  The customer gets the chance to get support from others online and — we hope — an eventual response from the organization that’s responsible.

Companies that make full use of these technologies can quickly outstrip the customer relationships of the more traditional organizations.  Just think of how much you’d love it if a company paid attention to your tweeted complaint and offered a resolution or at least an explanation.  You wouldn’t care that you tweeted at 1:00 a.m. and they answered in the morning during business hours.  If you’re a typical customer, your expectations of service are reasonable.  But if they ignored you, you would be pretty angry.  And yet, according to the data in the below infographic, about 58% of companies do ignore angry tweets.

Wake up.  If you’re in sales, you know to go where your audience is.  If you’re in customer service, you have to do the same.  Like social media or not, you need to learn how to use it now.  Or be left behind.

And, by the way, after seeing the infographic, I also explored the Impact Learning Systems site.  It has a great deal of content on customer service and sales, as well as other management issues.  You might want to explore it yourself.