Do you have a small business? Do you blog?

Yesterday, I published an article on by Nancy Marmolejo called “Online Visibility Tip For The New Year: Blog, Baby, Blog.”

The article explains the value and importance of using your blog as integrated part of your online self-promotion, and gives tips on using it in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter.

When I first added a blog to my website a couple of years ago, I actually did so quite reluctantly. Sure, they were popular, but then, as they do now, many people sneered at bloggers as inferior and/or amateur writers. But, I figured what the heck, I had already publishing a full-fledged website for over 10 years. Probably my credibility had already been established. And from all accounts, people seemed to prefer websites that have blogs. It allowed them to sample the content without needing to navigate around an unfamiliar site to discover the bits and pieces they were looking for. So, I went for it.

I discovered that blogging did, indeed, increase traffic and interest in the website. It also gave me a place to put short posts that were insufficient for full-length articles, post short reviews and recommendations, embed relevant videos, and update folks on the articles posted on the main site.

One of the biggest benefits that I have noticed from adding a blog is that search engines pick up blog posts much more quickly than published articles on a main site.

While there are many pros and cons to be considered in choosing to blog, overall I side with the enthusiastic Ms. Marmolejo. If you have the business, you need a web presence. A complete website can be impressive, but a good blog will do the job quite nicely. And a solo entrepreneur can establish and maintain a blog all by himself or herself with out resorting to hiring a professional webmaster or learning how to build a website.

Is this your year for starting a blog?