Do you know about AppSumo?

If you run your own website and/or blog, you need to know about AppSumo. Their subtitle for the site is “Daily Deals for Web Geeks.” But I ain’t no geek (to misquote Rocky) and I’ve been getting some fine goodies. Stuff that helps me improve my online productivity.

Rather like a “Woot” for web and blog development applications and business development videos, they offer very valuable deals at steep discounts. And on Fridays, there’s a free deal offer.

Recently, for example, I scoffed up a deal for a one year premium elite membership in WPMUdev ( for $79. It’s usually $35 a month if you sign up for a year, so that’s $341 savings. For that I get access to more than 100 plugins, 150 themes and WordPress/Multisite/BuddyPress support with manuals, videos, forums and live chat. Considering the cost of the plugins, if purchased separately, I’m really saving quite a bit more.

AppSumo is a membership site. But it’s free to join. And the deals are outstanding.

Today’s deal is a video course on using Google Docs to develop web tools and apps. Since it’s Friday, it’s free. (Actually, unlike their other freebies, for this one you have to Tweet about it or post it to your Facebook wall to get the deal.) But it’s only good for one day.