Double Your Income From Anything You Do

What if you could make twice as much money from what you already do for a living?

What if you could do that while you kept right on doing what you do, having the same income from your current job or business, with a little change in your daily routine?

What if the new stuff you had to do was easy to learn, easy to do and most of what you needed to do it was inexpensive or even free?

Would you like to know the secret? The secret is free. And many folks have discovered it or rediscovered it for centuries.

Here it is. Document what you do, how you do it and how you make money from it. Then sell that knowledge to others.

The way it works in the Internet age is this: When you work, keep a record of what you do. Write it down. Photograph it. Take screen shots of it. Videotape it. Then compile it into articles, ebooks, videos, multimedia courses, membership websites, and classes on providers like Udemy.

The list of what you can do with the material you compile is longer than what I just wrote above, but you get the idea.

You may be asking how that applies to what you do. My answer is that it applies to almost anything. If you have a job that you are paid to do, then there is a market for your knowledge about what you do. If you have a sport you play, a hobby you do, a business you run or an entertainment you love, you have valuable knowledge. You probably paid to get that knowledge or experience. (For example, if you pay softball, you have learned about playing techniques and about the equipment you use.) Share your knowledge and get paid for what you know.

Yes, of course, you must be able to use a computer and the software necessary to write. You may need to have a still camera and a video camera. But these days most people already have the consumer versions of those things and they are affordable.

If you don’t know how to use your computer well enough to do all the tasks you need to do, you can usually find a family member or friend who can do some of it for you. Or teach you how to do it. These days, your kids or nieces and nephews can do stuff with computers that would make your head spin. And you can get cheap help online at places like

What, you can’t write? You can talk can’t you? Get a tape recorder and just talk about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, where you learned to do it, what would make it easier to do, what’s funny about it, what kind of people you have to deal with while doing it, how to get along with co-workers in the same line of work, what are the most unusual experiences you’ve had while doing it.

Get the idea?

Later you can decides what format(s) you’re going to put it into in the long run. Later, you can learn how to distribute it and get money for it. Right now, just get started talking and writing about what you do, how you do it and what’s interesting about it.