Everything you ever wanted to learn…and no tuition costs

I think I’ve mentioned iTunes University before. It bears mentioning again and again. Some of the top learning institutions in the U.S. make their best teachers’ lectures available to the public at no cost. They provide audio, video and even text supplements.

Some make them available on their own websites, but many make them available through the remarkable tools of iTunes University at Apple. The institutions include such luminaries as Yale, Harvard, Stanford and MIT. They also include some lesser known, but outstanding providers as The Pointer Institute.

Today I ran across one of The Pointer Institute’s offerings called “What Great Bosses Know.” Each of the podcasts in this collection are short, to-the-point tips that harbor solid and helpful advice. Like good blog posts, they deliver the maxim bang for the minimum time investment.

If you haven’t yet visited iTunesU, The Pointer Institute’s podcasts are a good introduction. Try them here: Poynter Institute at iTunesU

Or, for a list of the top rated, no cost podcasts in all genres, just click this button: