Exercise, health and human performance

I’m constantly harping on the issues of health and well-being in human performance. A recent experience with sore muscles called it to my attention again. Then, when I visited my iGoogle page today, I found a related Wikihow article. So I was inspired to mention it here.

Yesterday, I did more lifting of heavy objects than usual. By early evening I felt the slight soreness that comes from over-doing. It reminded me that, like others who spend a great deal of time in front of a computer, I need varied exercise.

Sure, I do a daily stint of aerobics for 30 minutes. I also do about 15 minutes of stretching. But I haven’t been doing much strength building. And I need strength building in general. I further need it for helping to avoid problems with elbows and wrists from repetitive stress.

I’ve tried lifting. I don’t like it. I’d rather use resistance bands and body-weight training. It’s what I recommend to most of my friends. (However, I’ve recently taken up occasional use of kettle bells, which combine strength and cardio — ever looking for the efficiency of multi-purposing.) But even if I did plan to take up lifting again, I think I’d still be doing work with resistance bands first. I’d consider it good preparation.

As for that article on Wikihow.com that started me thinking about making a post on exercising for health and better human performance in whatever your work, it’s “12 Ways to Strengthen Your Back.” You can find it at http://www.wikihow.com/Exercise-Your-Back. I think it’s an important consideration for performance and productivity at work.

There’s been a great deal of coverage in the media lately about too much sitting causing deep vein thrombosis. There’s also been a lot of information about avoiding or correcting carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow problems from computer work. But for much longer than we’ve known about the problems brought on by the computer age, we’ve been dealing with the still-number-one problem of both sedentary and active work: back pain.

Why not take a look at the Wikihow article and investigate further?

And why not heed the constant stream of information in the media that says exercise is essential to health, wellness and work? Your career or your business rely on you being healthy. On being sufficiently pain-free to perform well and be able to improve your performance. Exercise isn’t merely an option. It’s a must have.

As for myself, I’ve already done my resistance exercises for today. I’ll be adding them back into my regular routines for an every-second-day workout.