Finding tips and techniques and handling success.

Here are a couple of articles I wanted to update you on that I published over the weekend.

“So Many Tips, So Little Time — Making Other People’s Tips and Techniques Work For You,” is one of my own articles. It’s about the reason there seems to be an endless supply of tips and techniques by so many different writers, and yet, it also seems that we constantly are searching for more.

Tips and techniques articles are the most popular online offerings. But no one technique works for everyone. No tip can be applied in all circumstances. There are so many different ways that even the simplest thing you’re doing can go wrong. So many possibilities for improving you methods of whatever you’re doing. No matter how many articles you read, it’s likely you won’t find everything you need to solve your problems or improve your approach.

Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet. It’s normal. Read the article for more insight.

In “Online Visibility Tip: What to Do When You Get ‘Famous,'” Nancy Marmolejo talks about what happens when — finally, after all your hard work — get serious notice online. Sure, you may be ready to steady your ego and keep it in line, but are you ready for the uptick in your fears of the competition, the possible overwhelm from customer response and the many requests you need to say “no” to? Marmolejo really hits the nail on the head with her advice.