Four ways to raise your performance, productivity and success levels

I published a guest article on today called “3 Traits of the Super Successful.” It’s by Sandra Martini.

Even though her title suggests that she is telling us about three traits: having passion for your work, avoiding perfectionism in favor of good quality, and having a sense of urgency that keeps you moving and producing — she really talks about four traits.

In her introduction to the three traits she focuses on, she talks about the value of having a “happy” mindset. The way she maintains such a mind set is by relentlessly exercising her choice of what people and experiences she will allow into her life. She does all she can to root out the negative factors.

She concentrates on positive, self-empowering information, action and experience. She controls her environment in such a way that she is set for feeling good, maintaining excellent productivity and achieving high level performance. How can she not be successful?

See if you agree that her introductory matter about mindset is as important as the three other traits she outlines. Read the article.