Fun With PowToon

Summary: The following article tells of a great (but time-limited) deal for making animated videos.  At the bottom, there is a video demo of the results I got with my first try.


I got a great deal from AppSumo yesterday on the Pro version of PowToon. is an online service that lets you make very quick animated videos. You can use it for explainer-videos, marketing and just plain entertainment. You can publish what you do as a movie or a slide show. PowToon will even put it directly into YouTube, Facebook and/or other media.

And, if you take the PowToon upgrade offer in the already fabulously discounted Pro deal from AppSumo, you’ll be able to use your creations commercially. It usually costs $228 for a year’s subscription to PowToon, but AppSumo is offering it for $49.  And the upgrade offered after you register at PowToon is another $49 for the commercial license.  Apparently the usual cost for the commercial upgrade is over $600.

In addition to the ways you can use it on your website, you could also make entertaining slides for some serious presentations.  After all, one of the most-given pieces of advice to educators and speakers is to add humor or something that is entertaining and engaging to presentations.

These days, it isn’t just content that is king, it’s video content that is king.  And video (or slideshow) content is king for speaking, training and educational professionals as well.

I have no relationship to either or other than being a customer.  If you want to try before committing any money, they have a free version.  But don’t wait too long.  This is only good for a few days.

As a brand-new user of PowToon, I took the opportunity to try it out by making a demo of what can be done in a matter of minutes with their system.  It ain’t polished, but it is my first attempt.  Have a look.