Have A Heart On Valentine’s Day

fancyheartballoonsOn Valentine’s day we think more of romantic love than other kinds.  But, when you were a kid in elementary school, you probably participated in Valentine’s card exchanges with all the other kids in your classroom.

When we were young we were taught to think of Valentine’s cards as sort of friendship cards.

Let me add another kind of love — another kind of friendship — to the mix.  I want to encourage you to think of the kind of caring for your fellow man that leads to supporting everyone’s well-being.  Most of us call it charity.

The “Great Recession” has been hard on everyone. And it has affected organizations that depend on private donations and public funding to a greater extent than most others.  Maybe while you’re buying a nice card for your sweetheart, you could take a moment to think of others who need a great deal more than a simple card.

I’m not proposing any particular organization. I’m proposing that you send a little caring “something” to support a cause you believe in.  You can support the hungry.  You can support the arts.  You can support a little league team.  Whatever.

If you can afford a fancy card, a box of chocolates and some flowers, perhaps you can also afford a $5.00 donation to a worthy cause.  You have friends who could use a little love on Valentine’s day.