If You Want To Be Productive, Learn to Have Fun

principles of fun movie posterI was following a trail of breadcrumbs from the site Change This! ( that led me to more information about the book “Do More Great Work,” when I stumbled across this delightful little animated presentation from Box Of Crayons’ YouTube channel. I highly recommend the Change This! site, the Box of Crayons site and the Box of Crayons’ YouTube channel.
The addresses are and

They provide a great deal of high-impact information and education — gratis. They have, for example, a free “Great Work Kickstarters” 7-week eCourse. But that’s just a small sample of the goodies they give away. If you want to become a better performer, more productive in your work and be enjoyably creative doing your work, you can learn a lot from them.

Also, look at their site design and their YouTube channel movies as exemplary models of how to design a site, a channel and movies. They know excellence and provide it. They understand performance and productivity and teach it.