Increasing website/blog readership and client/customer conversion.

Yesterday I published a kind of “reminder article” by Nancy Marmolejo on the essential techniques successful website/blog owners use not only to stay visible but also to make visitors crave more of their content. To make their visitors regular readers who notice and miss them if they don’t publish. The article is “I Want You to Notice When I’m Not Around: 5 Tips for Visibility Staying Power.”

I call it a “reminder article” because it doesn’t say much that’s new. It just succinctly covers the basics you should be doing to constantly increase readership and clients/customers. And reminds you to get it in gear if you’re not doing those basics. It’s well worth a quick read.

But what I also liked was that she gave another reference in her article that led me to the website of Bob Jenkins, also known as “Bob the Teacher.” She referred to an event he led in March 2011 and to the information he gave on using video to increase revenues.

Now, the event is long over, but he published the sales video for the event on his blog and it introduces the basics of what he apparently taught in the course. He also gave a link to embed the video. I republished it below, because it is a good introduction to his ideas on using video and can help you get started, even if you don’t intend to go to his events. It’s also an excellent example of a sales video. (It’s short — about 8 minutes.)