Is this the end of YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Internet Archive?

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more lengthy posts and articles. But today, I want to be part of the conversation about stopping legislation like SOPA and PIPA.

The issues with regulating the Internet are complicated. Most folks have very little idea about how the Internet actually works. Most folks have enough trouble just programing their TIVO’s and other recording devices. And most of the people in the House and Senate are too busy focusing on playing politics to actually use the Internet — they have geeks to do it for them.

Do you want people who have no idea what they’re doing writing laws that they don’t understand may shut down large portions of the Internet that many of us use daily? Like YouTube, social media sites, Wikipedia and even the venerable Internet Archive? They could even play havoc with some of the services of

Furthermore, they could shut down those of us who use articles from syndication sites. They could make article marketing impossible. They could completely devastate content sharing of all sorts.

SOPA and PIPA could profoundly affect all of us who use the Internet.

I found a great YouTube video that I’ve embedded below, which explains it more clearly and completely than I can. It also does it succinctly — in less than five minutes. Please take a look at it and then get active. Call, write, email or tweet your Congressperson and Senators. Tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA. Do it today — for yourself and your interests.