I’ve disappeared from Google Search! Don’t worry, I’m still here.

If you’re reading my blog today, Oct. 20, 2011, you probably didn’t get here by virtue of clicking on a listing in the Google search engine. Somehow, I’ve disappeared from Google search.

I’ve had page 1 search results for my primary keywords and phrases for about ten years. For the very good reason that I have a quality, high-content resource site. So, it’s a mystery to me what’s going on.

A lot of people’s listings disappear after algorithm changes. Sometimes it’s because they’ve been hacked. Sometimes it’s because they’ve been found doing “no-nos” in SEO.

Now, I know I haven’t been doing no-nos. But, recently my host’s server was hacked by some guys in India who replaced all the index.php files with pages that routed you to their server with a celebratory message that proclaimed you’d been hacked by them. I’ve been diligently going through all folders with php files and rooting out the instances of their hacks. I think I got them all. The hack seemed primarily to affect blogs rather than regular html-based sites. Since I do have a blog, it was affected. I don’t know if anything else was affected, because the only way I could check on damage was to make sure all my links actually opened pages. The site is fully functional, as far as I can tell.

However, I have learned that about the same time I was finally cleaning up the mess caused by the hack, Google did a tweak of its algorithm. Now I have to wonder: was it the hack, or is there something else going on with my site that I haven’t yet discovered.

I’m going to keep working on the various things I know to do, but it’s all guesswork. If you can’t find me in Google search results, know that I’m still here. And of course, you can find me in Bing, on Yahoo, and in DuckDuckGo, in first page results. But keep a link to my site or blog, just in case. Also, the Google custom search box on my site still works fine. All my pages are indexed. They just don’t show up in search. So if you are in the main area of the site you can search the site from the home page if you want to do so.

Ah. Another mystery of life.