Jaksta — A time management and productivity tool

I’ve found a great tool for time management and productivity. It’s not directly designed as that kind of tool, but using it results in saving time, solving a problem and letting me get back to work doing something more productive.

If you listen to streaming music or podcasts or watch streaming video, you’ve probably tried any number of ways to record a copy to your computer. I certainly have. And I’ve not found any of them very satisfactory.

What does this have to do with time and productivity?

Simple. I search for, watch and review informational audios and videos to be able to recommend the well-done, worthwhile ones to my readers. A great deal of them are streaming media and I haven’t — until now — found an adequate way to record or download them. So, I either have to watch them when I find them or keep a record of what they are and where I found them, so that I can return to them later. Both are awkward and time-consuming. After all, some can be as much as an hour long.

If there is a way to download media so I can watch it at a better time, and so I can pause the long ones and watch them in segments, my work is much easier and my time can be better managed.

Enter the software product “Jaksta.” It captures streaming media from a wide variety of sources — all the most common ones — and converts it to a format that will play on your device: computer, smart phone, etc. Now you may already know about Jaksta if you’re a PC user — it’s been available since 2008. I’m a Mac user and Jaksta just became available for Mac in early 2011. I tried it this morning as a demo, having heard about it from MacZot.com. It took me five minutes of testing to decided to buy it. I love products that are easy to understand and work “right out of the box.”

Once you install the software, all you have to do is find a page in your web browser that has a streaming video (or audio) you want to download. Start playing the video and Jaksta will download it from the source and automatically convert it into whatever format you prefer. Bingo! Done in minutes. As they say on their site, Jaksta downloads media at as much as 10 times the normal download speed.

You don’t have to wait, as you do with a screen recorder, for the whole video to play through. It’s not recording it. It’s downloading it. And once it’s downloaded, the conversion takes place on your computer.

Voila! You have the ability to look at the video or hear the podcast at your leisure. You can get back to work knowing that the information you want will be waiting for you.

Jaksta is fast, easy and reasonably priced. Go see their site and see if it’s something that you need. No. I’m not an affiliate. I’m just recommending something useful.

(By the way, I’m talking about my downloading free videos or podcasts that are intended to promote people’s books, websites, products, etc. Stuff that they want as many eyes on as possible. Videos or podcasts they want people to recommend. I’m not encouraging you to go get folks’ copyrighted stuff to avoid paying for it. The tool is meant for copying media in ways and for purposes that are legal.)