Leaders and goals

Following up on my theme of leadership in my last post here, I published an article by Jim Clemmer, “Pinpointing My Leadership Position.”

In the article, Clemmer uses a metaphor about navigating through the harsh seas of leadership. He describes the ship navigation techniques of the early 1700s versus today’s technology, techniques and tools. He compares that difference to the old-fashioned techniques used by some business leaders to plot their strategies versus the more helpful modern tools and techniques available.

His point is that leadership is not merely intuitive or haphazard. A leader must “plot a course” (establish goals and plan) to get to his final destination safely.

And, he must use the most effective instruments currently available to get him there.

Because Clemmer sees that so many of today’s leaders fail to use the instruments available to them, he takes the time to enumerate the best and most effective tools and techniques.

Now, let me leap ahead, past several other articles I’ve published in the meantime, to tell you about the article I published today–“A Plan Helps!” In it, guest author Rhoberta Shaler points out that it is essential to actually make a plan in order to achieve a goal. With a plan comes focus and with focus comes the necessary desire, motivation and confidence to carry that goal to reality.

Put together Clemmer’s ideas with Shaler’s. Plot your leadership goals and strategies. Plan well, using all the tools and techniques relevant to your goals. Use planning to boost your focus, motivation and confidence. Make the leadership skills you’ve patiently acquired pay off and continue to grow in the long run.

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