Nature-themed videos, performance and productivity

Studies have shown that being in or observing nature — trees, flowers, lakes, gardens, parks, etc. — helps calm and quiet your mind and lift your spirits. It relieves your stress both physically and mentally.

It doesn’t have to be real nature. It can be photos or sketches or paintings or videos.

The mind and body react the same way to “real” and “artificial” nature. (Although actually being in or driving through “the great outdoors” has greater effects.)

Stress reduction is an important component of performance improvement and productivity, I like to explore practical applications of tidbits of knowledge like this. And, since — as you can tell from my last post — I’ve been beefing up the videos section of this site, today I’m going to suggest using short videos as one of those applications.

In my previous post on using tiny videos as kind of “cheer-me-up” greetings, I mentioned that folks who are feeling low need content that is about thirty seconds to one minute long. General take-a-break videos should also be very short: about two to five minutes. But five minutes is pushing the limits.

The idea of using short nature-themed videos is to break the tension and get a sense of calm. To be able to get back to work. To release creative thinking. To become refreshed enough to get back in the grove of performance and productivity.

Here’s a two-minute example I created. You can make your own or find others on YouTube and the other video services. Add them to a collection to use for yourself, your colleagues, your employees — whoever — when you need a quick mental health break.