Overcoming Resistance to Work

This morning, I published an article on superperformance.com about the most usual reasons people avoid work or finishing projects.

When you avoid doing something like work, psychologists call the avoidance “resistance.” And resistance — especially if it continues for a long time — is very difficult to break through. That’s because you just naturally resist any change. So your resistance to work also features a resistance to change the resistance!

It may be easy to understand why you’d avoid work assigned to you by others. But you also avoid doing work on projects you started for yourself. Even projects that you once loved and which represented cherished dreams. Lots of folks find that befuddling.

Whether you are avoiding work you hate or work you love, read the article and find a neat, simple trick that can bypass resistance. Get it here: You Already Know What To Do, You Already Have What You Need To Do It and You’re Ready