YUDU Freedom

Here.s a great productivity resource I.ve found for providing interesting and exciting content for web sites, blogs and email newsletter subscriptions or just for entertaining friends and family.

YUDU Freedom helps you convert books, brochures, magazines, reports or anything else you would normally print as a pdf or HTML into interactive page turning digital publications. And there is no charge for the service.

All you have to do is upload a pdf file to their site and in a matter of minutes they will convert it to a digital publication with a page turning feature. Then they email you a link and some HTML so you can forward it to friends, customers or subscribers by email or embed the HTML in your blog or web page. They host the actual publication on their server. Also at no charge.

I tried it out on a book I formatted to publish as a pdf freebie and found the process as quick and easy as they advertise. I also found that it is necessary to plan ahead in your formatting in order for the converted file to appear easily readable and page-turnable. I’ll definitely want to reformat my pdf’s before publishing them as page turners. See what I mean by trying my own example below.

If you wonder why the company would give away such a valuable service, it.s simple: they sell a .pro. version with all the bells and whistles, including the ability to embed audio and video, and digital rights management. Most of us will do just fine with the free version.

(Originally published on Human Performance Potential 6/21.)

Increase Your Bottom Line Through Referrals

The guest article I published today on Superperformance.com is Increase Your Bottom Line Through Referrals by Susan Dunn. Susan talks in detail about how to get referrals and other word-of-mouth promotion to build your business. She specifically refers to coaching and therapy practices, but what she says applies to every kind of small business. Read more…

(Originally published on Human Performance Potential 6/21/08.)

Stress Management Video

One of my favorite authors, Jon Kabat-Zinn, has a video posted on GoogleVideos (no, not YouTube) called Mindfulness Stress Reduction. I’ve embedded it below for your convenience and enjoyment. This is a fairly long running and professional presentation (74 minutes), so you might want to view it when it.s convenient to spend a little time on it.

Mindfulness Stress Reduction — Jon Kabat-Zinn

(Originally published on Human Performance Potential 6/20/08.)