The Case of the Disappearing Vacation

Today.s guest article at asks the musical question .Do you take time off from work?. In The Case of the Disappearing Vacation, Ramon Greenwood says that about one third of Americans don.t take their full vacation leave. And it.s not that saving it up for some grand super-vacation. afraid to take leave lest the company decide it doesn’t need them. Or that it will affect their promotions or raises. Or that some sort of coworker sabotage of their jobs will occur. Or that they really believe they are indispensable. Yet, if you don.t take adequate leave, you could do more damage to your employment than anything that is likely to occur when away. You need breaks even from work you love. Performance and productivity suffer when you don.t take them. Read more…

(Originally published on Human Performance Potential 6/20/08 .)

Serene Saver Pro

In addition to my own screen savers for relaxation and stress reduction which I mentioned yesterday, I.d like to recommend Serene Saver Pro for MacIntosh users. It.s both a regular screen saver and a .video desktop. (also known as .moving wallpaper.). It has about a dozen video loops, some of which are stimulating and some of which are very relaxing and stress reducing. My favorites are those with water features: beach scenes, a lake scene and a pond in the rain. Oh, and just for some extra fun, there.s an import feature that lets you turn your own movie segments into screen savers/video desktops.

You can download a demo and try it out.

(Originally published on Human Performance Potential 6/19/08.)