Online Goodies

Online Goodies

If you haven.t seen my article 3 Great Productivity Tools Suites — On Line and Absolutely Free, I.d like to call it to your attention now.

For any individual or any business of any size, there are three sophisticated software “suites” will answer most — in some cases, all — productivity needs. Do you want word processing? WYSIWYG html editing? Spreadsheets? Calculation? Presentations? All of these are available, and more. On line and without charge.

Read about it.

(Originally published on Human Performance Potential 6/17/08.)

De-clutter and Simplify Your Life

Today.s Guest Article on

I frequently add information about personal organization and time management to the site content. Not only is organization essential to performance and productivity, it.s a big boon to stress management. Because it is very difficult to operate efficiently and comfortably in even the mildest chaos, I constantly encourage people to create physical and mental orderliness and timeliness. So, published De-clutter and Simplify Your Life by Kate Tilmouth to the collection of guest articles on that subject.

Also, I’d like to recommend the following book on the same subject:

Productivity Tool from SpringWidgets hosts a multitude of tiny utilities for your desktop or web page. From audio financial blog streaming to football stats comparisons, got something for every interest. Even better, if you don.t find what you want, you can make one of your own. Their Express Widget Maker is a little marvel that lets you make a little feedreader in a couple of minutes. Really. And if a developer, you can get the SDK that lets you make fairly sophisticated widgets. There is no charge for the widgets or for making widgets. As an example, I discovered a handy little job finder from, and a widget of it, downloadable below.

(Originally published 6/16/08 on Human Performance Potential)