Producing blog and site content faster, and publishing your best content on the best days

A couple of days ago, I published an article in the main section of Produce Blog and Web Content Faster. (

I wasn’t paying attention to the day, so I ended up publishing on Friday. Just in case you’re a newbie and haven’t figured it out yet, Friday is a terrible day to publish almost anything online that isn’t current, hot or extremely and helpfully related to the upcoming weekend. I publish something new every day, but I try to publish things I really want noticed on better days.

So, I have a double reason for this morning’s blog post — publicizing the article, which will have gone unnoticed until today, and advising my readers to be careful about what they publish on what days. This goes for newsletters, too. The best days to publish newsletters seems to be Tuesdays and, maybe, Wednesdays.

The thinking is that, since most people work a regular week, they’re mainly interested in doing personal necessities and relaxing or having fun Friday evening to Monday morning. And on Mondays, most folks are trying to make a good, focused start on their work week. So, if your site, blog or newsletter isn’t right on the button, they probably won’t catch up to you until about Tuesday or Wednesday. Indeed, my own traffic logs show my best traffic days are Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s just the norm that comes up in most studies.

Now, about that article on publishing content faster. The title does rather give you a hint on what it’s about. I name five specific kinds of content — much of which you can get from free and low-cost sources, if you don’t want to create it yourself — that you can combine with your own writing to publish high-quality, popular items that attract good traffic. And all of it lends itself to quite respectable search engine optimization.

So, you can stop spending so much time writing, and produce “articles” that are chock-full of great content.