Product creation/development: another specific product suggestion

I wrote another of my articles in the Creating Your Own Products and Services series for solo entrepreneurs yesterday. It focused specifically on a product that is easy to make, easy to learn to make, easy to adapt to mass production as well a to farm out as piecework, and that I’ve seen sell very well locally, by catalog and online: Pop-up Greeting Cards. The article is called “Creating Your Own Products and Services: The Hot-Selling Pop-Up Greeting Card.”

The greeting card industry is big business. Big profitable business. A local Hallmark store may seem just cute as a button and not very serious, but the industry is very serious. Hallmark has been around for 100 years. It’s name is the best known in the world. It owns a television station. It has 3000 “Gold Crown” stores across the nation. It has 65,000 products available. It did $4.1 billion in 2010. It’s a privately held company. And that’s just Hallmark.

Still using Hallmark as an example, it’s founder’s story is an inspirational rags to riches tale. He started out as a solo entrepreneur with a couple of shoeboxes filled with postcards. Read his story at

You may or may not develop a large business like J.C. Hall, but you can make a good living within a specialty.

For pop-up cards, you don’t even need any particular artistic talent. And the article points you to specific resources to get you started.