Product creation/development: Games for specialized niches.

Yesterday, I published one of my articles in the series on specific product creation/development ideas. The article is about developing specialized games. Read it here.

While the games industry is large and very competitive, its focus is primarily on computer and video games, edutainment for kids, and games that are adult pastimes and entertainment.

So, I’m not suggesting that you try to create the next hit first person shooter. I’m suggesting that you create card games for use by coaches and counselors and therapists. Or board games for pastors to use to teach family communication. Or instruction books, plans, and illustrations for trainers to use in training sessions. (Have you ever seen the book series “Games Trainers Play?” Could you to something like that, but better and with more materials and perhaps videos?)

There’s actually quite a large market for those kinds of games — and more — with plenty of room for new providers. Plus, all can be adapted to the digital world as well. So, there is an entire market available just in creating web-based games to sell to therapists and coaches for their websites.

Read the article for more discussion and resource links.