Productivity Tools: Article templates.

Earlier today, I published another article on faster, easier content production: “3 Great Reasons to Use Article Templates”.

As the title says, I talk about three ways using article templates helps you be more productive as a article writer. I also provide a link to a free article template of the type I discuss in the article. The article itself was created using the template, as an example of how much easier it can be to use a tool that has your article preformatted and lets you just fill in the blank or replace dummy text.

If you’re already convinced that you should use templates and you know how they work, you can just go right to the templates and download a copy for yourself. These are actual document templates that will open in your word processor. The instructions for using them are printed within the templates themselves, as if they were dummy text. So you can read the instructions and then type your own article right over top of them. Just download and try it. You’ll see what I mean. I have two different formats, one for those using MS Word-compatible word processors and one for OpenOffice. For Word-compatable, use For OpenOffice, use

I’ve tested them on both P.C. and Mac, so they should work for most people.

Also, just in case you don’t read the article, I recommend you go to for a large selection of high quality article templates.