Social media, getting started and HootSuite

I finally got around to getting my act together with social media. When I got a Google+ invite, I established a profile and started exploring. I liked the format and easy of use. It seemed much more understandable than Facebook.

I had tried for years to put up a Facebook page, but never quite “got it.” Nevertheless, I knew I needed to be there as After I started working on a Google+ profile, I went ahead and figured out how to establish a Facebook page.

Although I got on LinkedIn several years ago, I didn’t find it exciting or helpful. But I’m impressed with the ways it’s changed and will also be re-establishing my presence there.

I figured that all of this could get to be overwhelming work without a good tool to put it all together. I also knew that there were such tools. Because I’ve read a number of books with in-depth information on social media and also because I took a refresher tutorial through my favorite tutorial provider, (Yes, I recommend them highly, and no, I don’t get any compensation for recommending them.)

One of the tools recommended in their videos was HootSuite. It took me a couple of days to figure out exactly how to use it. Part of the problem was that I had a browser crash while getting HootSuite connected to my Facebook account and missed out on selecting my page instead of my profile. But, I found a good tutorial elsewhere that got me on the right track: “How To Use HootSuite with Facebook.” It’s on The Blog Designer Network — The site is a bit “girly” but the content is good.

What’s important, though, it that HootSuite is a great tool. It has a free version. And it will save lots of time and money.

I’m only just starting my social media odyssey. Stay tuned. I’ll be updating you on the useful tools I find in my process of becoming “socialized.”

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