Social networking is changing the world and the business world

Recently, we’ve been seeing how Twitter, Facebook, mobile texting and citizen journalism in blogs has had an impact on sociopolitical issues and events in the middle east. Social networking is making big changes in how we interact with the entire world, as well as in our own communities, schools and organizations.

It’s so powerful an influence that it’s becoming a little scary. It’s also a proven method of making business work in new and wonderful ways. With all it has to offer, it is more than a little surprising that businesses large and small are not using it or using it ineffectively. Yes, more and more organizations are using social networking sites, but most are putting their efforts into advertising and promotion rather than the actual “social” and “networking,” activities.

Fortunately, very small businesses with little or no budget for advertising have caught on to using the social networking sites for building trusting relationships with potential customers and clients. And thereby building their reputations, brands and business.

For those who are finally getting on the bandwagon with social networking, I’ve published a guest article today on very basic and critical considerations in making good moves in social networking. It’s called “Sowing the Seeds of Business With Social Networking,” by Nancy Marmolejo.

Another resource you should look at is Social Networking Watch, especially their section that covers the statistics on social networking. It will give you an excellent picture of how important it could be to you to get involved.