Some thoughts on rapid product development and on easy designing for CafePress and Zazzle

Another quick article update: Here are the articles I wrote and published on over the last two days.

In “Rapid Product Development: Creating Products By Embellishing, Remodeling and Refurbishing,” I remind you that not all products need to be produced from scratch. If you start by buying a ready-made product, you can transform it it through embellishment, remodeling, repackaging, repurposing or refurbishing. You can do that with almost any product. It can save a great deal of time, and the value-added result can make you higher profits than simply reselling the product would offer.

“You Don’t Need To Be An Artist To Design Products for CafePress, Zazzle and Other POD Sites.“ Well, the title practically tells the whole story. You’d like to sell through one or all of the POD site, after all, it’s almost ideal for starting a small business online. All you have to do is supply images and they’ll collect the cash, do the production and give you royalties. But what if you’re not an artist or graphic designer. Unnecessary. Here are some ways to get into it pretty fast, with some very basic skills.