Productivity Product Recommendation: Comic Life 3

4444_jungle_animalsComic Life 3 is a productivity tool.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of fun and kids like to use the iOS app version to convert pics to comics to send to their friends.  Sure, you can use it to create comic strips and comic books.

But really, it’s a serious desktop application for entrepreneurs.  And ebook writers.  And bloggers.  And graphics artists.  And makers of infographics.  And marketers.  And, well, once you “get it,” you’ll think of more.

Don’t be fooled by its intuitive interface and ease of use.  Don’t be seduced by the fact you’ll actually enjoy what you’re doing.

Illustrated EBooks for Kindle.

This little program will help you make illustrated children’s books and graphic novels for the Kindle.  With its layout templates and drag-and-drop simplicity, it becomes a snap.  See?  Productivity tool.

It’s not just that you have templates that you can remodel and remix as you choose.  It’s also that you have built-in filters to convert photos to comics or illustrations.  So you don’t even have to do your own illustrations or hire an illustrator.

Graphics for Blogs

And what about bloggers?  You know you need to have photos and graphics to illustrate your posts and articles.  It communicates better and makes your points considerably clearer.  Adding a light touch or even some humor by including a comic strip now and then might be just the ticket.

Infographics and Posters

Then there are the possibilities of adapting the templates to a wide variety of layouts.  Of creating several different infographic style “pages” that you hook together in a longer document using a program like Photoshop (or Elements) or GIMP to make an awesome infographic.

Think about the posters you could create using this.

An Example

Now, just to “illustrate” what I’m talking about, the following graphic is something I created in less that 20 minutes using Comic Life 3 and a couple of illustrations I already had on hand.

(If you don’t get the spoof in the comic, it’s a play on a decades-long running commercial in the U.S. about a rabbit who wants to eat Trix cereal and is constantly thwarted by kids who tell him, “silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.”  You can see reruns of the commercials on YouTube.  It’s quite iconic.)

celia rabbit comic shopping

You can get Comic Life 3 for Windows or Mac at  (Not an affiliate link.) There’s a free trial.  And what do you have to lose?  It’s good for several hours of fun before you decide you have to get it and get down to business.  Oh, by the way, it only costs $29.00.