Small business marketing

The last three days, I’ve published some helpful guest articles for small business online marketing.  If you want your marketing efforts to produce more and better results, count on these basics to help.
How to Use Facebook for Business: Social Networking 101 for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers covers the reasons why you want to be involved in social marketing and how to make it work on Facebook in particular.  Stephanie Chandler manages to tell you everything you really need to know, but makes it brief and to the point.  An excellent starter for those of you who haven’t yet taken advantage of Facebook for business.

In Get Your Marketing Mojo Working For You, Laura West explains the importance of “moving” or creating an emotional spark in your “audience.”  If you give people a reason to care and you approach them with the messages and in the media most compatible with your own style, you’ve got a formula that attracts attention.

Top 10 Ways To Get More Subscribers To Your Ezine reminds you that the old basics of building a contact list are stay relevant and workable.  Jim Allen wrote this in 2001 and it’s still fresh.  It still works.  And you still need to know it and do it.