Got training?

Today’s article on is “Training: Getting It When There’s No Money For It.”

Training is one of the most critical factors in human performance and productivity. Whether it is formal, classroom training, web-based training or on-the-job training done one-on-one, employees need it. They need it for orientation to their jobs when the are new to the company. They need it when they get transfers or promotions. They need it when the company reorganizes or downsizes and they end up doing more or different work. They need it to grow within their jobs and within the organization.

Without it they often find their current abilities inadequate. Far too often, they find that they had the qualifications to get the job, but lack sufficient knowledge or skills to actually perform well on that job at that particular organization.

I could go on and on about all the reasons employers should provide training. But what I wrote so far gives a long enough introduction. It’s sufficient to understand that when employers can’t or won’t find the money for training, employee performance will suffer.

Regardless of your position in the organization, whether a manager or an employee, you can seize a leadership role and find a way to get training for yourself or for those who report to you.

That’s what the article is all about. It’s about getting the training you or others need, regardless of the money issue.

I also cover the small business owner’s need to get training for himself/herself and employees in the same creative, low-cost and no cost ways.

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