Take a Break and Have Some Fun

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve noticed I’m not doing anything for fun. I’m spending too much time focusing on the serious details of work and the humdrum necessities of everyday life. While I congratulate myself on achieving a level of self-discipline, I’m going to whack myself upside the head with some wild ideas and go have some creative fun.

It’s Saturday, for goodness sake. And here I am at the computer, writing an article that probably no one will read until Monday at the earliest!

I keep telling others that a big part of time management is managing to find time to live. That is, find time to enjoy life. People who keep their noses to the grindstone, as the saying goes, just get ground down. I’ve often advised clients to use time management techniques to make sure to build in fun to their schedules.

Even if you enjoy your work and don’t mind the many tiny chores you must do regularly to keep your household in order, you must have variety in your life to be a whole person. Here are three simple steps to ensure you have a mix of “just for fun” stuff in your life:

Write it down.

Just as I suggest you write down your “serious” ideas, goals and tasks, I also advise you to spend some time writing down ideas, goals and action plans for fun and play. If you write things down, not only do you remember them better, you have a chance to consider them in greater detail.

And when I say write them down, I mean with the details about what makes them fun and why you want to do them. Keep a record of all your fun/play ideas and dreams and refer back to it frequently.

Even better than writing it down, add photos or artwork to your writing. Keep a scrapbook of dreams and plans for fun activities, parties, dates, days off, vacations, pranks, road trips — whatever. You can do all this digitally or physically.

Schedule it

If you make a commitment to an actual time to do something, you’re much more likely to do it. At the very least, “pencil it in,” if it takes a bit of time and planning.

But be sure to schedule something fun to do on a daily basis that isn’t just penciled-in. It can be as simple as scheduling a 15-minute coffee break.

Do it with other people

It’s true that you need time for yourself. Make sure to schedule that. Yet, despite how much time you spend with others doing serious, demanding or, perhaps, frustrating work, you need fun time with other people. It’s the good times that bond you in supportive relationships and see those relationships through the bad times. It works that way on a daily basis with small issues as much as, or more than, with occasional large issues.

The daily grind requires the daily fun for a balanced life.

Now, I’m grabbing my camera, my spouse and a couple of sandwiches. We’re going to enjoy the serene beauty of the nearby Red Rock Canyon. And bring some beauty and serenity back with us in the form of photos. How about you? Want to go out and play?