Tendinitis, productivity, trackpads and dictation

If you notice that it’s been a while since I’ve been posting, it’s because I’ve been having trouble with elbow tendinitis and the possible onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. So, I have to restrict the amount of use I make of my computer. The keyboard isn’t nearly so much a problem since I have Dragon Dictate.

However, I have been making some adjustments in my computer equipment, such as getting the Apple Magic Trackpad to ease some of the difficulties I have with my mouse. And, I have added several new exercises to my routines.

Between some equipment changes, chair adjustments, rest and exercises, I’m getting the issue resolved and should soon be back to higher productivity. In fact, I should have some new posts for you later today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for those of you who occasionally experience the same problems I’m embedding some excellent videos below that shows some great exercises for both wrists and elbows.

Before you go to the videos, though, I’d like to take a moment to plug Dragon Dictate again, and also highly recommend that you check out Apple Magic Trackpad. I’m not ready yet for a long review post, but I’ve reviewed Dragon Dictate a couple of times before, (see the latest review here — it has all the links you need.) and they’ve just published a new version that’s even faster and easier. Of course, most of my readers are on the PC, so for you guys, it’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I have a copy of the PC version as well as my much-used Mac version and think it’s even better than the Mac one. (Don’t tell Apple that I cheat on them with Windows from time to time!)

As far as the Apple Magic Trackpad goes, I think everyone is going to want one of these sooner or later. There are a lot of moves you make with a mouse that eventually give you trouble with your elbows, and the trackpad eliminates a great deal of them. Right now, I’m finding it convenient to use both mouse and trackpad in conjunction with one another. It’s working very well.

And, no, there are no affiliate links in the above recommendations. Just want you to know about this stuff.

Without further delay — here are those videos.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Exercises Level #1

Tennis Elbow Treatment Exercises Level #2

Tennis Elbow Treatment Exercises Level #3

Tennis Elbow – The Best Stretch