The design of virtual classes and the value of persistence…

A few days ago, I published part one, and today I published part two of a two-part article by Terri Zwierzynski on designing virtual classes. If you want to develop virtual learning experiences such as teleconferences, webinars, streaming multimedia, CD or DVD learning presentations, and other such offerings, Zwierzynski has some ideas that may guide you to a well-structured, enjoyable result.

In part one, she covers developing for live presentations and in part two she covers asynchronous, self-paced learning. Put together, the articles make a nice mini-course that you might well want to print out for future reference.

Read the articles:
1. “Part 1: Designing Virtual Classes Your Students Will Rave About!”
2. “Part 2: Designing Virtual Classes Your Students Will Rave About!”

Yesterday, I published an article by Jim Clemmer, “Persistence Goes the Distance.” It’s a solid inspirational/motivational article on the value of keeping on going through good times and tough times to achieve your goals. But I also chose it because it backs up something I was saying in my prior post (March 23, just below) about the value of old books versus new writing.

Clemmer looks at historical and modern day examples to illustrate his points and make them relevant to his readers. He uses quoted wisdom from the past to further support his ideas.

We’ve all seen numerous articles, essays, and so forth, on the value of persistence. Yet, despite the many ways it’s been presented before, the way Clemmer puts it together, we can see it afresh.