Three video series on video marketing for small business

I’ve been following several companies on Twitter. One — eTelligent Strategies — is a marketing consulting company that has been creating some very helpful videos for YouTube. Here is a series of three videos they’ve put together with tips on getting started with successful video marketing. If you like their series, you might want to follow up by visiting them at and look for their blog.

Other than the high quality of the videos themselves, there are two excellent features of these videos. They are no more than two minutes long (but truly cover the topic), and there is a written article below each of them that covers the same material.

In Video #1, Tracy Swain hosts this series from and begins by explaining how valuable video marketing is to your overall marketing and promotion strategies. As she tells you, video marketing allows you to reach a larger audience, build your brand, and develop your SEO.

In Video #2, Tracy tells you the top three essentials to getting started with video marketing: Do your research, make sure your content has high perceived value, and be consistent in uploading more and more content until your efforts pay off. But you already know that marketing of any kind never stops, right?

In Video #3, Tracy talks about three common mistakes beginners make when starting with video marketing. She reminds you that you really need to have a reasonably high quality to the video — you can do it yourself, but learn how to do it yourself first. Second, you should remember that YouTube is a social platform and be sure to check your comments and make your videos the beginning of an ongoing conversation. Third, you should share and promote your video in as many venues as possible.