Time Management, Focus, and Low-Cost Labor

I wanted to update you on three articles I’ve recently published in the static area of superperformance.com.

In “Nine Sources of Free and Low-Cost Labor For The Solo Entrepreneur or Micro-Business,” I talk about the most difficult part of being a solo-entrepreneur: never having sufficient help.

Because it’s so expensive to hire help, you do almost everything for your business yourself. In most cases, “free” volunteer labor is not legal. And the abuses in the area of “free” labor abound.

In this article, I’ve gathered a list of “free” and low-cost labor and have some suggestions to make sure you use them in a lawful way. (But please remember, as I say throughout the article, I’m not a lawyer and you’ll have to check my understanding with your own legal advisors.)

“Time Management: Distracted By Time-Saving Technology?” is about how even the simplest tasks are actually taking longer to accomplish than they did before we had all the wonderful “time-saving” computer programs and gadgets that we do today. Maybe we’d have fewer distractions if we were more selective about when and how to use technology.

“Focus And Goal Achievement Through Visualization” is also about beating distractions, but, in this case, the people and other environmental distractions of the workplace. It explains the use of visualization techniques to create a focus strong enough to keep your mind on your goals and priorities amid multiple distractions and interruptions.