Tricks of the trade, entrepreneurs and the big bad wolf.

I wrote an article yesterday for that establishes a new title feature for the site: Tricks of The Trade. In addition to the recently started and continuing series on product creation and development and the series on reviewing classic business and self-improvement books (and making them available for download), I’m starting a series on tips and tricks in productivity. Specific what-it-is and how-to-do its. Like the difference between my posts and articles that cover specific product how-to’s and those that give more general ideas of product creation.

Sure, there will still be plenty of stuff like “10 Time Management Tips,” but the Tricks of the Trade articles and post will cover one focused idea in more depth. The first of those articles is titled “Tricks of the Trade: Automatic Writing ( or Typing) — A Technique for Creating Articles, Blogs and eBooks Quickly and Easily.”

In this case, automatic writing is not the psychic stuff or the Freudian therapeutic technique. It’s the tool developed for use of writers to both ease and speed up their writing.

I’d also like to call a guest article I published a couple of days ago to your attention: “3 Entrepreneurs and The Big Bad Wolf: A Modern Fable,” by Sandra Martini.

Recalling the story of “The Three Little Pigs,” Ms. Martini gives examples of how entrepreneurs fail in their businesses through lack of plans, systems and focus. It’s not adverse conditions or bad advice that causes the failures. It’s neglect of the basics. You’ve heard the advice before. The hundreds of thousands of failed entrepreneurs have heard the advice before. Yet, entrepreneurs keep failing in the same ways, for the same reasons, year after year.

Read the article and take heed. It’s both to-the-point and presented in an entertaining way.