Two articles…

Yesterday, I published another article to on the subject of product creation/development, “Patience, Persistence, Perseverance and Success”. It’s a follow-up on my blog post “Nobody Cares What You Think, They Just Want You To Give Them What They Want.”

I recognize that even people reading this blog and the articles I publish on the main section of the website also want to know how they can get what they want quickly, easily and intuitively. So, an article advising you to be patient and take your time with product development is me defying my own advice: I’m not giving you product development in a nutshell that makes it easy for you. Instead, I’m telling you to make it easy on your potential customers or clients and accept for yourself that it is hard. Sorry. That’s business. Read it anyway.

And then today I published a guest article, “7 Deadly Twitter Sins,” by Jessica Swanson. She actually takes the seven deadly sins outlined by Dante and relates them to the common mistakes seen on Twitter. If you are using Twitter as part of your marketing, you need to give Swanson’s article a good read. She hits the nail on the head. You will recognize the “sins” she lists. You’ll have almost certainly observed them in reading others’ tweets. I hope you don’t recognize yourself in any of the descriptions, but if you do, you’ll understand why you may lose followers and business.