Use tiny videos to inspire, cheer and improve performance or productivity

I’ve written a lot about how emotions affect productivity and performance. I think most of us know intuitively that people who are upset or unhappy don’t perform as well as they do when feeling up to par. It follows that anything you can do to help them feel better will help them to behave better.

One of the things I’ve done on a personal basis is send little, inexpensive gifts, print greeting cards, emails and e-cards (including video e-cards) to friends, colleagues and family who need a bit of cheering up. And, I’ve often recommended that my readers do the same with friends, family, co-workers, employees, etc.

Recently, I decided that if the little “cheer-me-up” or inspirational or funny videos I”ve been making and sending along to friends were so helpful, it might be a good thing to put some on YouTube and let others use them in their own emails. Or let people use them in their own websites, if the material is relevant.

Here’s one that I just made yesterday. You can get it from YouTube and use it personally for people you know, you can embed it in your site if you like, or you could use it as an idea for making your own.

You can get it from YouTube at

But don’t wait for me to make more. Make some yourself. Start spreading around some fun and cheer with tiny — 30 seconds to a minute duration — cheering, uplifting, inspirational or funny videos.

(Why so short? Because folks who are feeling low don’t have the patience and attention for long messages.)

If you don’t have the time or know-how to make your own, you can search YouTube for more short videos that others have already uploaded. Videos they allow you to embed, download or email. The main idea is simply that you want to send something short that makes your recipient smile. Something encouraging, stimulating or hopeful.