Using web radio for fun and profit

I published a guest article yesterday, “Web Radio – A Viable Marketing Strategy,” by Kathleen Gage. In her article she talks about the publicity advantages of being a guest on web radio talk shows. She tells what to consider in selecting what shows and hosts you can most profitably work with.

It’s an excellent marketing strategy for many different business and can work well with both products (both physical and digital) and services.

I liked seeing her advice on the subject, since most articles about this encourage you to become the host of your own web radio talk show. That approach is also quite good, but it works best for people like coaches, consultants, seminar producers and other creators of information-focused services and products.

If you are interested in the idea of starting your own web radio show, it’s not so hard from the technical point of view any longer. Sites like,,, and a number of others have taken care of the web side technical parts and many of the administrative parts. All you have to do is sign up and start producing.

Oh, wait. That’s where the other really hard part comes in. You have to learn how to produce a radio show from the creative point of view. This is for promoting your business. You can’t afford to just jump in there and “wing it” like the multitude of amateurs already falling flat on their faces.

Whether you are thinking of following Gage’s advice or trying out hosting your own talk show, you might benefit from the ideas in the following books: