Video productivity software recommendation (Mac)

For my fellow Mac users: If you don’t yet have a video capture (screen recording) tool to make videos directly from whatever is happening on your monitor, you should give iShowU a try. At the time of this post, you can get the basic version for $20 and it’s a real bargain. It allows you to record both video and audio of whatever your monitor shows. That means you can make video tutorials showing exactly how to use an application, complete with your voice description. You can record from your built-in web cam or any camera attached to your Mac. You can play a streaming video and record it while it plays, for those videos that don’t provide a download option.

I bought a copy and gave it to one of my brothers. He’s just getting into making training videos for his business and needs a tool that’s easy and intuitive to use. And that’s what makes this app so valuable: even for a Mac program, it’s very easy and fast to use. Your learning curve will likely be measured in minutes, rather than hours or days.

In addition to the basic program (V1.x), you can get an HD or an HD Pro version, with lots of bells and whistles. You can start with the basic and upgrade later if you like it. Get it at

Although it’s not probable you’ll need a lot of help, I’d also like to mention that their support is exquisite.

Sorry, Windows users, it’s only for Mac.

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of this company. This is just a recommendation.