Who knew social media was funny?

I’ve mentioned here that I’ve been getting into using social media to make my website and blog better known. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me. I’ve avoided it — with the exception early on of some LinkedIn activity — because it’s so time-consuming. Writing an article for a website, a post to my blog and different blurbs for four different micro-blogging social media sites is just too much for a daily ritual. Especially since I’m also in the middle of developing a e-book project and a video course. Plus there’s the research. And that’s only the writing part of my day. Hey, I need time to eat and exercise, not to mention getting some occasional sleep. I hope once I get a system established, it will be easier.

But my complaint is the complaint of most small businesses. And we now know it is a typical complaint because iContact.com did a survey recently about it recently. (http://blog.icontact.com/blog/icontact-survey-uncovers-love-affair-with-facebook/). They are also running a contest for the best video submission that tells why you love or hate social media (http://social.icontact.com/icontactPeople.) People have all kinds of different reasons to praise or complain. If you’re interested in making a submission, you’ve got until December 5, 2011. Considering that you stand to win $10,000 for a first place (1 prize for “love,” 1 prize for “hate”) you might want to send in your opinion.

I discovered this stuff earlier today while I was researching for an article I wanted to write on the difficulties of social media for small businesses. I got sidetracked by finding the contest and then clicking on one of the submissions out of curiosity. I know better, but I just couldn’t help myself. Distractions like this are like catnip to the ADD brain.

Nevertheless, I found the wonderfully funny video I’ve embedded for you below. I’m a bit late in the day getting to blog about it. First I had to put it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Then I had to email it to my brother and my sister. Oh, please, don’t get me started on complaining about email. I still have to write that article on small business and social media.

Enjoy the video: “Social Media is for Loosers.”