Working With An Employment Agency

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Today I published Working With an Employment Agency – What to Expect by Laura Whitelaw As the title indicates, the article explains the benefits of using employment agencies (also called .recruitment agencies. and .staffing agencies.) as part of your job search. The author also covers strategies for making the process work for you.

I, too, highly recommend employment agencies and management recruiters. They can save a lot of time because they have many job listings that never make any publications, including online job boards, and even if they don.t have a listing appropriate for you right now, they have vast networks of contacts. In the dim and distant past, when I was working my way through college, my day job for about a year was as an employment counselor in an agency. I eventually placed myself in a job that allowed more study time, but I left with great respect for the hard work done in agencies and the variety skills and knowledge the counselors must have. Try them.

(Originally published 6/15/08 on Human Performance Potential)