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Business Process Consulting - Understand the Nature of the Business
by Peter McLean

A key element in business process consulting is understanding the nature of the business. Successful business owners and effective managers pay careful attention to the "character" of their own organizations. In so doing, they ensure that they lead their organizations to where they ultimately want them to be. They know that they cannot simply let their organization wander along in some vague hope that it will achieve high performance and outstanding results as if by magic.

For instance, even in world-renowned jazz ensembles, which may appear to be "jamming" in a free-form manner, the leader of the group is constantly paying careful attention to all the highly variable elements present in the group for which he or she is responsible. The leader of such a group, even in the most fluid of environments, does not simply let the group go wherever it likes.

Instead, a dynamic and "magical" character is deliberately controlled through leadership skills development, self-awareness, interpersonal communication skills (often just a look, a smile or a nod), practice, interpretation, style, planning and great skills for negotiation. The leader incorporates and employs all of these elements to provide direction to the group, as the way forward emerges.

In today's highly competitive business environments, business leaders must exhibit these qualities of good leadership and pay careful attention to all the factors that compose the character of their own business, in order to ensure that it is driven relentlessly toward achieving its envisaged success.

The intention behind thinking about the character of an organization is to provide the required insight, as well as the implementation of business development and risk management plans that:

- Address the cultural shifts that are occurring and that need to be managed

- Help people manage and deal with the changes that are occurring across time

- Identify organizational development needs

- Build on business strengths

- Develop mechanisms to manage and/or compensate for weaknesses

- Point out future directions.

Every business has unique and distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other businesses, even in the same industry. The more that is known about the ethos of a business and the greater the clarity that is articulated by the business owner or effective business manager, the more readily the people around them are able to address, interpret and develop the elements that will improve organizational effectiveness in and around the company's mission, vision and values. This is the road to high performance.

Peter McLean is a highly experienced Coach, Senior Manager, Consultant, Business Owner and Company Director. He successfully coaches top Executives in some of Australia’s leading multi-national companies. One such Senior Executive recently won an International Award for Excellence within his particular field. In addition, Peter works extensively in the Public, Private, Commercial and Not-for-Profit sectors, delivering outstanding results for his clients. To learn more of how you can benefit from Peter’s experience, visit the Essential Business Coach web site!


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