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Does a Leader Need a Book?
by Writers of the Round Table, Inc.

You do not have to have a book, but you do have to have a remarkable product to introduce your business to your customers on a massive scale. A BOOK can certainly do the trick.

I believe that with so much information available in the world today, you have to do TWO things.

Number One: You have to develop a genius product that engages people in an experience. Our company currently does that with books, but we could just as easily do that with a graphic novel on management, a song about sales, a screenplay on leadership. Whatever it is -- it has to have a real brilliance about it! That's number one!

Number Two: You have to create positive emotional anticipation around that product.

Let me discuss the development first. I'll use Edge! A Leadership Story and our client, Bea Fields as an example. When Bea came to us to write a book with her, she knew she needed to do something that would make her a pioneer. She needed to elevate her game.

She did that, NOT by regurgitating old information to some ghostwriter, and NOT by creating a simple how-to book.

How did she do it? By stretching out of her own comfort zone and collaborating with other creative experts to deliver her new message in a new way. She told a story. Not a parable like other business books. A full, character driven, intimate portrayal of her average client and what they experience by engaging in her provocative coaching services.

She developed a truly innovative product. And how was that arrived at? Over more than a year, we ground her up and challenged her every motivation, every one of her principles, who she thought her demographic was, what her core values were, how she could better her client, and on and on. And now after she engaged in that year long process of discovery, only two weeks after the book has been released, she had over 300 people on her conference call last night! Why were people listening? Not because she did what she had done before. NOT because she did what others had done before. Because she stretched.

So Number One is to create a truly innovative way of communicating with your audience.

My second point is in relation to navigating the marketplace. Once you have created that pioneering product, you have to then go out and create what I call positive emotional anticipation.

What happens when you know you want to see a movie in the theater? You see a trailer . . . maybe you hear an actor on the morning news or the late show . . . another actor hosts Saturday night live . . . reviewers tell you they loved it . . . you have an expectation before you go into that theater. And often, that expectation is incredibly high.

CONSIDERING that you have created that truly innovative, genius product . . . if you can create that positive emotional anticipation that people feel when going to the movies, people will have that super high expectation before they even engage in your message. And then you've got them.

Because what do we all do when our expectations are exceeded? We leave that theater and we tell everyone they have to go and see that movie. We go for coffee and chat about it. We get online and post it on our facebook accounts. This is how the best-selling books of the future will be created.

Through genius products along with marketing and PR that create positive emotional anticipation.

EDGE! A Leadership Story has both. If you have not read the book yet, I guarantee that you can feel the positive emotional anticipation around this story through the Edge Blog alone. But check out Edge! A Leadership Story on Google and you'll see what I mean. If you are moved and excited by all the momentum around the book, and you pick up a copy, reading it will blow your expectations out of the water.

Create the Product that delivers the experience. Then Create the Anticipation. When the two meet and both deliver, a home run occurs.

As the founder and CEO of Writers of the Round Table Inc. and Writers of the Round Table Press, Corey Blake coauthored Edge! A Leadership Story with Bea Fields, leadership expert for Ideamarketers. Corey works with successful men and women to realize their goal of pioneering a life-changing conversation through the creation of a book. Once people have reached a level of financial security, they begin thinking about their legacy and adding more meaning to the world. As business people they realize that they need to monetize their dream and we assist them in doing so organically. Corey and company take clients on a two to three year journey of transition where they actualize their dream through the production of a remarkable story-based book that introduces their important conversation to a massive audience. Then The Table guides them through the creation of a full branding, marketing and PR campaign around their message, utilizing their book to introduce them as a pioneer in the marketplace. Writers of the Round Table, Inc. may be contacted at


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