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What Your Employees Won't Tell You: The Number One Secret Revealed
by Marlene Chism

"If that was the problem, why didn't she come to me directly?"

These are the words of a distraught boss who lost Sarah, his highest performing sales rep to another company. The reason: more money, more opportunity and extra time off to go to Texas to see her ailing mother.

The boss, a hotel owner didn't want to lose Sarah. In fact, he had just invested in sending Sarah to a mandatory training in Atlanta and now he was losing her. Had he known she was quitting he wouldn't have sent her to the training.

As he scratched his head wondering why Sarah didn't approach him before taking another job, the boss made a deal he thought Sarah couldn't decline: more money, an extra week off and a better office.

Of course, he made the offer through his Sales Director who had to tell the boss the bad news: Sarah declined the new offer.

The boss never knew Sarah was lying. Sara didn't quit because of a better opportunity, she quit because her boss was a jerk.

Sarah was planning on quitting before she went to Atlanta. In an interview Sarah told me how she felt about her boss.

No one ever got a pat on the back. People were constantly fired without explanation. There was no training and no employee hand book. He has no compassion and no one ever knows what to expect. It was miserable working for him and I knew I had to get out.

These are words straight from the horse's mouth…(the horse being Sarah, who is now happily employed elsewhere) with a boss she respects.

Sarah's boss will never know the truth about why she quit because when you don't trust someone you won't be truthful with them.

There are about seven things that employees won't tell their bosses, and the number one thing is the real reason they are quitting. In Gallup poles, research suggests that no other variable directly affects an employee's productivity than his relationship with his boss. The number one reason an employee quits is because of the direct relationship with his supervisor, and in Sarah's case, it was her relationship with her boss that tipped her over the edge. When will we catch on that relationships do impact the bottom line?

Marlene Chism works with companies that want to stop the drama so that teamwork and productivity can thrive. To get free resources to help you increase productivity and build work relationships go to or call 1. 888.434.9085 for more information.

Marlene Chism may be contacted at


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