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PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals
by Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D.
Review by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals is addressed to salespeople, but teaches the fundamental concepts of building authentic, lasting relationships of any kind.

Dr. Gregory Stebbins covers the basics and the details of:

1. Establishing trust -- by learning to listen with compassion, building empathetic connection, establishing credibility, and demonstrating competence and commitment.

2. Discerning and engaging someone's motivation -- a most succinct and yet in-depth explanation of motivation. How to identify someone's motivations from environmental clues and from his or her own words.

3. Identifying, understanding and adapting to behavioral styles -- he explains how behavior works and how to recognize a person's behavioral style using a handy tool known as the D.I.S.C. approach. So you can adapt your behavior to that of others.

4. Learning to "speak the customer's language" -- how to identify others' communication styles from the words they use and effectively integrate them into your own style(s) of communicating.

He explains sophisticated concepts and techniques used by many psychologists. He simplifies and clarifies those concepts and makes them immediately applicable and easily usable. Moreover, he clarifies how valuable they are and why they work. And it is evident that he knows from doing as well as from studying and researching.

His ability to teach allows him to not merely share his depth of perception and insight but to transfer it to the reader. You will learn. Easily. Quickly. Effectively. Enjoyably.

You can do better than simply reading reviews to judge whether or not you want to invest your time and money in this book -- the author has generously posted the entire first chapter on his website for you to download and read to judge for yourself. You can get it at


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