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Your Perfect Job - Five Tips to Land a Job That's a Right Fit
by Elizabeth Lengyel

Does it seem like your favorite pair of jeans was made just for you? It makes you feel good and look great. Finding your perfect job is just like that; there is a natural fit and you feel great. To help you find the job that's right for you, consider these five tips.

1. You can do it (right?) - Could you really do your dream job? Do you have the natural aptitude to learn the job's requirements, or would you struggle? Be confident and ambitious, but realistic and grounded. Focus your time and energy to apply for jobs where you know you have what it takes.

2. You'll love it - Are you excited about the right job? Are you genuinely interested in the position and care about the industry? Remember, success comes from doing something about which you're passionate.

3. It's a great fit for your career and life - How would the right job stack up against your career and life goals? What kind of environment would you work in? Some people thrive in fast-paced organizations with constant change; others find this painful and frustrating. Some people work best with clearly established guidelines and procedures; others see rules as confining and stifling. Weigh all aspects of your perfect job carefully to ensure they match your interests and preferences and align with your values and beliefs.

4. It offers the right salary and benefits - Just like finding the perfect jeans, you have to look at the price tag. Would the right job support your budget and personal needs? Would it meet your salary and benefits expectations? Would it support other benefits such as your preferred schedule, commute time, and business travel? How would the right job support your work/life balance? The job may appear to be perfect, but for it truly to be the right fit, it must support your lifestyle. When you find a great job, it's in your best interest to negotiate what you want up front to ensure it'll be the right job after all.

5. Your "gut feel" tells you it's a perfect fit - Rarely will you find the best job fit by analyzing statistics and data. Listen to your intuition. Do you "click and connect" with this job? Have the confidence to trust your gut and follow your heart.

When searching for a job, take time to identify a position that would be a natural fit. Then focus your job search on the correct industry, organizations, and opportunities. Your efforts will pay off when you get the right job!

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Elizabeth M. Lengyel, President of PeopleCoach, Inc., delivers career breakthroughs. A trusted career coach, Elizabeth is passionate about helping ambitious professionals get juiced about their careers. The result? The right job in the career you love.


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