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Article: Human Performance Psychology Related Resources

Human Performance Psychology

© 1999 C.S. Clarke,Ph.D.

The psychology of Human Performance studies how people can do whatever they do better and/or faster.

Most generally it has been used by "Human Resources" specialists to help management and employees learn new skills or improve current abilities.  Or it has been used by sports psychologists to help both amateurs and professionals improve their athletic skills.

The primary tools of human performance improvement have been training and coaching.

The primary issues in human performance of concern to business have been organization, productivity, efficiency, timeliness, cost-effectivenes and profitability

The issues in human performance for sports have been focus, goal setting, incremental goal directed achievement (step-by-step achievement of smaller goals leading to success in an ultimate goal), accurate replication of experience (practice of behaviors modeled on the success of experts at achieving a target goal) and strategic planning.

In considering the foregoing issues, psychologists and other specialists in the field have identified a number of specific skills or abilities that lead to success in business or career and in sports.  See my article on the top 10 skills in business and career. 

Despite the focus on business and sports, however, it seems obvious that Human Performance Psychology applies to any endeavor or achievement. So, while you may see most articles and links on this site applied to business and career, you will also find a significant amount of content applicable to general self-improvement as well as to education.  For example, the article Double Your Reading Speed Now! is about a skill that applies to students and teachers in addition to its importance to the business issues of productivity and efficiency.  And I won't be able to thoroughly acquaint you with "the accurate replication of experience" without referring you to the body of literature on Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), originally developed by Bandler and Grinder, which has implications for every area of self-improvement.

Although this site targets the interests of human resources specialists, trainers, psychologists and individuals interested in human performance improvement for business and career development, you will already find many links of general interest in the link lists, with more links and articles to come (most especially the underlined issues listed above).

What all the foregoing means to the question of how the psychology of Human Performance benefits you is this: at least on this site, you'll find opportunities to learn how to be better or faster at anything you do or how to acquire skills basic to success in any endeavor.  If the information isn't directly on site, it will probably turn up on one of the linked sites or in a recommended book or other resource.
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