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Power: The Modern Doctrine
by Hamid Noorani
Review by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

It's a business book.  It's a philosophy book.  It's a personal growth book.  It's an introductory course in systems thinking.  Whoa!  How can you get excited about systems thinking?  What the blue blazes is systems thinking and why should you be interested anyway?

Systems thinking is a method of looking at yourself, others and the elements of the world around you in a way that lets you see how it all connects and what effect each has on the other.  It helps you take that which is complex and understand how each of its simple parts makes it complex.  How the whole is greater than the sum of its parts by virtue of the interconnected effects. It helps you understand your individual place and great power as simpler part of a complex world. (Although you are also personally a complex system.)   And this particular book shows you not only how to get that understanding but also how to immediately apply it to your daily life.

Each chapter takes a practical look at an issue that is related to your life, your career, your relationships, your politics, your success and much more. In each chapter, you understand more about using your interconnected relationships with the world around you.  About how to develop your own individuality, effectiveness, power and contribution.  I can get excited by those kinds of ideas.  Can't you?

The book is very readable, organized, concise and useable.  I recomend it for managers, teachers, professionals, students and anyone else who wants to learn how everything is connected and what to do with that knowledge.

Hamid Noorani has degrees in chemical engineering and international business management (Master's).  He has extensive management and management consulting experience and has taught graduate level courses in management.  You can read more about him, see his resume and download some of his reports at

Also available as ebook:,
ISBN: 0-390-539295 (ebook)

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